about 502

Brooklyn based musician, “Erick The Architect” and artist @ 502 North Pole

I would like to say 502 North Pole was created in September of 2016 but that would be inaccurate; I’ve forever been a creator and an enthusiast of art culture.  What I would like to say in exchange is that in September of 2016 I decided to create a platform where I could give ideas life.

At first, I didn’t plan to make this site public— I sought after a media tool that could journal ideas on a frequent basis.  Most of my ideas begin and remain on paper.  It wasn’t until I started to develop a st yle of creating art while interacting with people I really began to notice that these ideas should be showcased.

Design is great.  To call myself a designer is indeed accurate; I pursued design as a serious passion while making music throughout college.  The two passions competed with one another until I decided to become a full-time musician.  The thought and approach as a designer has never left me.  I think the hardest thing about being interested in so many different things [is that] they all take time to become really good.